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Hiding the Bodies


FROM 06.05.2023 TILL 12.08.2023
WITH: Carla Adra, Jean-Pierre Dolveck, Jimmie Durham, General Idea, Irina Lotarevich, Aapo Nikkanen, Mira Schor, Franz West

The exhibition “Sauge” brings together fifteen artworks in the space of the art center, marked by the domestic characteristics of a late 19th-century mansion.

Firstly, the mansion used to belong to bonnetiers (traders of stockings and hats, characteristic of the region). It housed the municipal school of fine arts in 1973 before becoming the art center in 2000. Starting from this embodied space, rich in memories and having lived multiple lives, the concept shifted towards an analogy, likening the house to an old lady that we should continue to take care of.

“Sauge” opens a new chapter that connects the place to its audience, through works produced by eight artists who evoke ritual, intimacy, emotion, emancipation, energy, and unique forms of language. In several spiritual traditions (especially among Celtic or American shamans), dried sage, bundled into small sticks, and burned, brings clarity and wisdom to the occupied spaces.

This exhibition is part of this momentum charged with new energies, where major figures from recent art history (Jimmie Durham, General Idea, Mira Schor, Franz West) are alongside younger contemporary artists (Carla Adra, Irina Lotarevich, Aapo Nikkanen), and more confidential ones (Jean-Pierre Dolveck).

It is the first collective exhibition led by the new director, Maëla Bescond. “Sauge” opens a new chapter that connects the place to its audience.


Vernissage public le vendredi 5 mai 2023 à partir de 18h.

Cafés découvertes, samedi 17 juin, 8 juillet et 5 août à 11h.

Nocturnes les 13 mai (Nuit des musées) et 3 juin (Nuit Blanche) : pique niquez dans le jardin et profitez de la découverte de l’exposition à la nuit tombée !

Yoga (avec Saskia Yoga) les jeudis 25 mai, 1er juin et 29 juin à 18h00. APrès 30 minutes de visite guidée, déployez votre tapis et profitez d’une heure de yoga guidée par Saskia, pour un moment qui allie culture et bien-être. (12€, premier cours gratuit pour les adhérent.e.s!)

Performance Aire, de l’artiste Carla Adra, les samedis 20 mai à 16h et 3 juin à 20h.

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