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Passages is located on the first level of the former house, the Maison Marot, renowned for its knitwear factory of the same name, built in 1860.
On the first floor of the art center, a 100m2 apartment welcomes artist-authors in residency for periods of 1 to 3 months, consecutive or not.
The context offers the opportunity for the development of a specific project, dedicated more to desk work than to studio practice. As such, Passages provides a space for creation and experimentation, capable of accommodating writing projects, poetry, research, translation, criticism, and more. Passages does not issue calls for projects, considering these residencies as a significant programming axis for the art center. While these residency periods are usually organized by invitation, it is nonetheless possible to submit a specific project to the attention of the direction throughout the year. The research undertaken during the residency can take a finished or unfinished form but will be presented to the public at the end of the residency through a discussion organized by the art center. Collaborative practices are also welcome.


The apartment has a large bedroom, a workspace, and basic living amenities (bathroom and kitchen). Bedding and linen are provided. However, the apartments are not equipped with studio materials or a specific area for messy work. Residents are responsible for the upkeep of the premises.

Public Engagement

The residency aims to be a supportive program that fosters collaboration with the artist and facilitates engagement with the local community. This can take the form of exhibitions, workshops, meetings, etc. The extended duration of the residency program allows the local population better access to the creative process and strengthens the connection between the artist-author and the community. The contemporary art center supports mediation and visibility efforts, which are offered to the general public as well as specific partners of the art center (ESAT, ITEP, Child Welfare, etc.).
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Marcel Devillers