COMING NEXT FROM 31.05.2024 TILL 03.07.2024
WITH: Carla Adra, Fabienne Audéoud, Morgane Baffier, Marcel Devillers, Benjamin Husson, Anouchka Oler Nussbaum, Theo Robine Langlois

The festival brings together performance art practices in the garden over a weekend, i.e. works that are both autonomous sculptures and supports for art practices in movement. (Performing art, readings, singing, etc.)

Salve takes as its starting point the art center’s winter garden, built as a threshold linking interior and exterior, guiding the visitor towards the wooded park, symbolized by a majestic Gingko Biloba planted in 1860.
Plastic forms are mixed with writing and oral practices in this exhibition, beginning with a 3-day festival in the art center’s garden from May 31 to June 2.

This final opus of the season explores performative practices of collaboration, conviviality and social bonding, enabling us to build community.

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