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Hiding the Bodies

Voeux d’artistes

FROM 27.11.2002 TILL 04.01.2003
WITH: 004*

“There is life
There is the autumn sun
There are men
There are women
The sweet grapes
The golden trees
Oil lakes and quiet mountains…
And snowy peaks.
Explain my approach?
I’m not sure I can.
On what pleases and delights me?
See below, and so on…
About my obsessions?
Let’s keep it modest, I don’t spread my life around, I’m not sure anyone would be interested.
About the paintings I present at “voeux d’artistes”?
They’re too recent, so let’s let the poetry of things misunderstood live on,
Let the dark sky fill with stars,
And our brains sailing in the pink clouds of the irrational.
RUDOLF: you stick a needle in a piece of tapestry, a white thread in the cat’s eye, and voila, it’s all there.
The needle, and voilà, you have a painting. But what does it really mean?
is it ridiculous?
BERTA: Well, you see, you’re the one who says it best!
Ridiculous is a very interesting subject, but it doesn’t interest me.
What else do you want to know?
“The 8 paintings for sale are all almost square, i.e. 23.9 x 24.8 centimetres.
The piece at 75 euros” ”


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Exhibition open to the public from November 27, 2002 to January 04, 2003.

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