TUES — SUN     12PM — 6PM
TUES — SUN     12PM — 6PM
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Current residency
Sarah Holveck & Florent Dégé

Yan Tomaszewski

FROM 01.08.2022 TILL 31.10.2022
WITH: Yan Tomaszewski

Winner of the Ateliers Médicis’ Création en Cours 2022 program and in collaboration with the Centre d’art contemporain / Passages, Yan Tomaszewski was able to benefit from a creative and research residency as part of a transmission program at the École Jean Moulin in La Chapelle-Saint-Luc. A graduate of Le Fresnoy, the artist creates investigations, often structured by myths, through the prism of sculpture and film. Imagination and reverie are an integral part of the artist’s questioning. Always experimenting, he tries to bring new techniques into his practice, as is currently the case with fire art.

As part of the Ateliers Médicis “Création en cours” program, the team at the Centre d’art contemporain / Passages discovered different facets of Yan Tomasweski’s work. A dialogue then developed around an exhibition project in line with the dynamics of the Drac Grand-Est residency program, the Jeunes ESTivants project.