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Hiding the Bodies

Paris, Pâris 

FROM 17.10.1987 TILL 25.11.1987
WITH: Raymond Hains

1987 was the year of the Capetian millennium, the 10th anniversary of the Centre Pompidou and the centenary of Marcel Duchamp’s birth, all places and people that inspired the artist. 1987 was also the year of Raymond Hains’ first exhibition at the Centre d’art contemporain / Passages. The culmination of his Trojan excursions and research into the Trojan Horse or Troyes.

His research: readings, meetings, discussions, discoveries, coincidences, so many ricochets from Troy to Troyes. The result is the Rue Veille-Rome exhibition, which put an end to his career as a poster designer and turned him into what might be called an archaeologist of the obvious.

From his travels in Troyes, we are left with a mental journey into the intimacy of the artist, but also into the intimacy of the city.

32 years after Raymond Hains’ first exhibition in Troyes, the Centre d’art contemporain / Passages is once again honoring him with the Passages / nocturne event and its sequel.

In this exhibition, his works will not stand alone, but will be accompanied by those of Joël Ducorroy, who pays tribute to his friend by drawing inspiration from him.

A joint exhibition with FRAC Champagne-Ardenne.

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