TUES — SUN     12PM — 6PM
TUES — SUN     12PM — 6PM
Current exhibition
Current residency
Sarah Holveck & Florent Dégé

Marc Rebollo

FROM 01.07.2016 TILL 31.12.2016
WITH: Marc Rebollo

Painting, sculpture, collage, sound, statement, Marc Rebollo uses a multitude of mediums, sources and references linked mainly to music, with which he deploys a mise en tension. In 2014, for his “Sold out” exhibition at the Centre d’art contemporain / Passages, he produced an instrumental sound work conceived as a soundtrack engraved on vinyl and printed in 300 copies. Like an echo, two years later, Marc Rebollo is once again invoking the multiple for his residency, but this time in the form of a silkscreen project produced in collaboration with the Trojan workshop Oasp, whom he met on his wanderings around the city of the tricasses.