next opening on may 31
WED — SUN     12PM — 6PM
WED — SUN     12PM — 6PM
next opening on may 31
exhibition currently under construction
Current residency

Aliénor Welschbillig / Félix Bressieux

FROM 06.10.2017 TILL 08.12.2017
WITH: Aliénor Welschbillig & Félix Bressieux

What interests Aliénor Wlschbillig is the unexpected emergence, exit or expulsion of a material that rushed out of a place from which it was not visible. Above all, she likes to share the birth of a form that modifies space and enters into full resonance with it… Indeed, it is in the sensitive interaction of fullness and tenuous emptiness, where opposites coexist, touch and penetrate, that Aliénor finds the principal material for her creation.

Aliénor creates sculptures whose concentrated forms, multiplied and repeated lines create a vibratory movement. She offers a condensed energy of matter that unfolds in the volume occupied. The artist seeks to detect in materials a primordial vitality, a pulsation. There’s a real desire to experience matter, to exhaust it in order to confront it and reduce it to pure expression. The obsessive character visible in the work finds a breaking point in the incisive intervention it provokes, breaking away from confinement.

On the initiative of Trojan gallery Phantom Projects Contemporary, the Musée d’Art Moderne de Troyes and the Centre d’Art Contemporain Passages are respectively hosting the two emerging artists with a series of vernissages. At CAC Passages, Aliénor Welschbillig and Félix Bressieux will be showing, respectively, sculptures based on the observation of nature, transcribed through transformed raw materials, and soft performative paintings generated mainly by rudimentary machines. In effect, each remains in its own place, but offers a constant exchange throughout the three exhibition rooms.

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Exhibition opening from October 06 to December 06, 2017.

Opening on Thursday, October 05, 2017 at 6:30pm.

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